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The Omaha Improv Fest is for those who want to learn from the best, perform and watch improv, and most importantly, have fun. Featuring Ian Roberts, Joe Bill, Jill Bernard, Pam Murphy, and many more!


Ian Roberts of UCB

Joe Bill of Annoyance Theater

Pam Murphy of UCB

Jill Bernard of HUGE Theater

Katie O’Brien, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Trew, Austin, TX

Rob Long, Bakersield, CA

Tim Marks, Kansas City, CA

Roomies, Philadelphia, PA

The Welcoming, Denver, CO

From Justin to Kelly, New York City, NY

Laser Comedy Show, Chicago, IL

Will Meinen, Chicago, IL

The Holograms, Des Moines, IA

Interrogated, Omaha, NE

Kevin Miller, Austin, TX